Clary Sage

Clary Sage

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Clary Sage:  Salvia Sclarea. Herbaceous Biennial (Zones 5-9).

An ancient herb used in Europe for centuries. Great aromatic plant to have nearby in the garden patch. We love to walk by blooming Clary Sage and just smell it. It always seems to clear and brighten our day.

In aroma therapy, Clary Sage is said to help with anxiety and stress due to its warming, sedative qualities.  Soak the seeds in water to make a mucilaginous eye bath, that is known to clear the eyes and clean out any irritants. Flowering Pink or White tops have been used to flavour vermouth and other liqueurs. Leaves are edible. Descriptions of its medicinal use trace back to Greece in 4th century BCE.

Flowers are very attractive to bumble bees!

  • Direct sow this biennial/perennial ¼“ (6mm) deep, spring or fall.
  • Plants grow to 4’ (1.5m) tall with basal leaves of 12" (10cm).
  • Deadhead to prevent self-seeding. 

Seed Saving:
  • Collect seeds from seed heads when seeds are dry.
  • Thresh by hand or by dancing, winnow to clean.
  • Finish air-drying if necessary before sealing in airtight container.